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How to Write Goals So That You Achieve Them

In our professional and personal lives, we are constantly writing goals to try and motivate ourselves and direct our behavior. Perhaps your goal is to complete a certain amount of work in x-time, perhaps it is to increase profits by so much, or maybe it's to get into...

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How to Make Sure You Complete Your To-Do List

To-do lists in theory are helpful tools that can make you more productive than you otherwise might be. But while to-do lists are generally intended to help you complete more work, sometimes they can unfortunately end up having the precise opposite effect and make you...

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Big Rocks First – A Useful Metaphor?

When trying to demonstrate how best to approach a laundry list of tasks, many productivity gurus will use a demonstration called 'big rocks first'. It goes a little something like this… To start with, said guru will show you an empty jar and tell you that they want to...

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