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When to Multitask and When Not To

To multitask or not to multitask… that is the question. When trying to be as productive as you possibly can, whether or not you should multitask is an important question that can be tough to answer. On the one hand, multitasking is something that in theory should be...

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The Dark Side of To-Do Lists

Some people are forever writing to-do lists seeing this as the best way to outline the work they have to do for the day, to put their thoughts in order and to help themselves be more productive. And indeed to-do lists can do all that. At the same time they can also...

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Project Management for Independent Work

If you have ever hired a contractor to fix up your house, add an extension or knock down your conservatory, then they will likely have approached the matter first with some 'project management'. What this means, is that they will have written a plan for the best way...

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Minimizing Open Loops for Maximum Productivity

When it comes to getting the most done possible in a given day, it's often important to think carefully about the sequence in which you line up your jobs. Doing the right task first and the right task last can potentially save you hours – especially if they rely on...

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